Merry Christmas!



Christmas is a time of year when everyone is running around trying to figure out what gifts to get, how to plan dinner and how to make family extra special. It's exhausting!

I GET how we can easily forget the real significance of Christmas. I don't mean the birth of baby Jesus because--for sure--that IS it. But I mean what His birth symbolizes. 

Christmas day is a game changer. It's a day when our lives were changed--not just our temporal ones but our eternal ones. Today, a long time ago, baby Jesus was born and in the works was the greatest act of love--Jesus dying on the cross for our salvation. 

This might be too much for folks--too little for some. Some will ask: what does that even mean? Within the next few months we will be tackling what this means and more. So, stay with us and we'll promise to try to make the ride worthwhile.

For now--let's sum it up by saying- today, was the 1st step toward living an eternal life of peace and love with our Creator. It's a game changer bc in God sending his begotten son, we were given a chance to live the eternal portion of our existence in peace, with love and all those other good feeling adjectives. :)

So, Jesus is what today is all about. He IS the reason for the season so we proudly say Merry Christmas because it indeed IS merry! 

And as we wish you a Merry Christmas, we also say that this blog post is indicative of what is to come and what BGG Knits is all about. BGG Knits which we endearingly call BGG is also about Jesus: about sharing spiritual perspective, on sharing gratitude stories on how we were recipients of His grace and on sharing stories that deepen our walk and love for each other and our Creator. Yes, we make knits but the way we deliver those knits is what our value add is. We try to "package" them in love, hope and encouragement. 

How are we going to do this? Stay tuned.....sometimes through blogs, sometimes through experience -sharing, sometimes through YOU!