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Our Peruvian artisans collectively produce sustainable solutions to fashion out of raw alpaca and ecological cotton. As each piece is hand knit and made with love, every piece is unique and tells its own story… just like our artisans.

From Peru to the streets of New York we aim to live out our higher purpose in our ever-evolving story.

Our alpaca fiber is shorn and hand spun by small family herders in the mountains of Peru without pain or stress to the animals. Due to the hands on approach and care given to each of our garments no two are the same. Some pieces are comprised of 2 lbs. of our raw alpaca. 

Our ecological cotton comes in Pima and Tanguis aka “Oro Blanco” (White Gold), both native to Perú. Our cottons are ranked among the finest fibers in the world and are characterized by their resilience and their incredibly soft, long, and uniform fibers.

Each knit is produced in an ethical manner by paying our artisans a fair wage, using natural fibers with zero impact to the environment. We employ, educate and empower women to use their skills and teach others in the process. 

In everything we do, from process to product, we stand by our motto...

”Never Cease to do good." Gal.6:9

Jen + Cess